Prices for religious wood/resin/cement carving

There are two types of prices, the first for simple statues without any accessories, the second for more details and additional accessories.


Wood Carving Prices


12 inch,   50.- to   100.-$        /   2500 to  5000 PHP

24 inch, 125.- to   300.-$        /   8000 to 15000 PHP

36 inch, 350.- to   700.-$        / 18000 to 35000 PHP

48 inch, 750.- to 1000.-$       /  38000 to 50000 PHP

60 inch, 900.- to 1500.-$       /  50000 to 75000 PHP


Wooden Statues are usually single pieces, produced according to the wishes of our customers. Please ask for a detailed quotation, depending on size, difficulty of the image, accessories, clothing, base, etc.



Resin and fibre glass Statues 50 pieces


Usually resin/fibre is used for mass production in high volumes.

Minimum order is 50 peaces to receive a free molder. Depending on the volume we can give you a discount. Prices negotiable.




12 inch,     21.- to 29.-$               /     500 to   1000 PHP

24 inch,   60.- to 150.-$               /   2000 to   4500 PHP

36 inch, 268.- to 295.-$               /   8000 to 13000 PHP

48 inch, 345 - to 455.-$               / 15000 to 25000 PHP

60 inch, 455.- to 690.-$               / 25000 to 35000 PHP


Resin statues single or small volume

The costs to produce a single made to order resin statue:

Multiply the desired wood statue size/price (Reference) by 2.


Single made to order resin items are expensive, due to the fact of going through 3 steps.

- Reference carving

- Molder production

- Resin, fibre copy.


Fibre glass statues

Fibre glass is used for statues from 2ft to 6 ft or more.




Smaller Religious Souvenirs, 3 to 5 inch, 5.- to 10.- $ / 50 to 150 PHP


Cement: We are the only workshop in Paete producing cement statues. Please contact us for any inquiries.


All prices without VAT and transport. Prices negotiable

Please don't hesitate to contact use for further information's.



On the first view our prices seem to be high compared to the products made in China or India.

By buying products from the Philippines you support the local industry and the family owned businesses here, these can look back on a very long tradition and it comes along with the efforts being taken all around the world to support “Fare Trade” products.

You may find cheap, low price mass production offers for wood or resin statues especially from China, but please be aware that this statues are made out of substandard materials, the kind of wood is santol or others, and usually shrinks and it is very fast damaged by changes of climate or the termites. After 2 to 3 years these Items are already in very bad conditions. These cheap products never have the same high quality standard as the products made in the Philippines.